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Q1. Is Pandaje Tech a reliable Tech Support Company?

A.  Yes, absolutely, Pandaje Tech is one of the most reliable tech support company in the world, offers an onsite and offsite tech support service with highest number of customer base across the regions. We Pandaje Tech assist individual household customers and small business enterprises with the personalized tech support solution as per the needs and availability of the customers. We have certified technicians and we work with world-class advance tech support remote applications and online tools to diagnosis and resolve our customer’s issues with complete troubleshooting services for every customer.

Pandaje Tech understands the need and its customers who are using wide-ranging computers systems and related devices across the globe. Hence, while keeping in the mind we have designed various subscription plans as per their customized needs and affordability to meet their ever growing and comprehensive demands. You can choose from variety of plans available for one time single incidental plan to annual subscription plan as per your requirements and budget.

Q2. Is Pandaje Tech safe for Tech Support Service?

A.  Safety is one of the major concerns for customers looking for technical support, especially customers seeking online tech support service for their personal computers having various important data and other confidential information. And Pandaje Tech is the right destination for safe and secure tech support service or anyone including household and business class customers. We are a proficient in this business and have established impressive track record of providing top-class services at lowest price. We have team of experts having extensive knowledge of diverse type computer devices and software application with expertize to solved millions or issues arrive withthese devices. We flawlessly work to ensure that your computer and other connected devices or peripherals are completely protected and secured from all type of threats and cyber risks. We have highest satisfied customers base with best feedbacks and reviews by them in respect to our services and tech support and customer service. We record session of each interaction of our technicians with our customers to ensure the trenchancy in our service. The tech support team of Pandaje Tech makes best use of their knowledge and database along with advance technology and tools to provide an unbeatable 24-hour tech support service to everyone.

Q4. What are the operating hours of your service?

A.  Our service is available round-the-clockthroughout the week, but in case of unavailability anyone can send mail anytime we will call you back and provide best possible solution in next business hours.

Q5. How much do you charge per hour?

A.  To provide tech support service for homes we charges minimum charges one time fees of $9.99from our customers, and for onsite support service we do not charge for transportation costs or other fees. You just need to pay only when your problem get solved.

Q6. What are the modes of payments you accept?

A.   We accept payments in various modes including major credit cards, debit cards, checks and as well as cash as per the availability with the payer.

Q7. Will you charge me if you are not able to solve my problem?

A.  Not at all. We never charge any amount until we solve your problem. However, in most of the cases we solved any type of technical issues within the limited time period.

Q8. Do you sell software or hardware devices?

A.   We are not involved in selling or distribution of any type of software application of hardware devices, but we can suggest best software or hardware products for installation and safe use of our customers.

Q9. Do you provide email or phone support?

A.No, we provide only onsite and offsite tech support service for best solution, as computer tech support service only through phone calls or email conversation is not possible or effectivefor end-users. In more than 90% computer problems, technicians either required to sit in front of the system or to take it on remote control through online and solve the problem with best solution in minimum time efforts. We don’t waste time on phone calls or email conversation, we believe in practical problem solving techniques.

Q10. How can I unsubscribe from your promotional emails?

A.If you have subscribed with us for mail notifications to receive newsletters or promotional offers and now looking to stop such notifications? You can stop this byunsubscribing, that you can do by clicking a unsubscribe link available in every mail we send.Or you can also reply any of the newsletters and mention that you don’t want to receive any such mails or notifications in near future.

Q11. How can I clear my browser cache history?

A. Every internet browser hasits own menu settings and navigation style.Users have to access the clearbrowser cache historythrough different navigation menu that has been explained step-by-step below:

For Microsoft Internet Explorerbrowser users, do the following steps:

  • Select "Tools > Internet Browsing History" from the browser navigation menu.
  • Select "Temporary Internet files and website files" (You may also need to select "Cookies and website data" if you have had persistent trouble.)
  • Click the "Delete" button.

For Firefox browser users follow the steps given below:

  • Select "History > Clear Recent History..." from the browser navigation menu.
  • Ensure the "Cache" checkbox is selected. (You may also need to select "Cookies" if you have had persistent trouble.)
  • Click the "Clear Now" button.

For Chrome browser users perform the following steps given below:

  • Select "History > Clear browsing History..." from the browser navigation menu on the extreme right side.
  • Make sure the "Cache" checkbox is selected. (You may also need to select "Cookies" if you have had persistent trouble.)
  • Click the "Clear browsing data" button. (You can select hours or days to clear the history)

Please note that clearing the Internet files stored for your browser may need you to log in to the site again using your registered user name and password. If you have any further queries, please contact us.

Q12.Do you provide tech support against virus or spyware attacks?

A.   Virus attack is one of the common problems in computer systems.It can damage your computer, or steal your important data and cause huge loss in terms of data lost or confidential information corrupt. We provide virus detection and removal service with firewall activation and malware protection service.

Q13.In case of computer problems, why should I choose yearly plan instead of one-time plan?

A.   One time incidental plan is available for one-time assistance to fix your computer problem, and every time you have to pay for next online tech support. But if you subscribe for yearly plan you will get unlimited tech support service whoever your computer have any type of technical problems.

Q14. Is it possible you to get back into computer after my session over?

A.   No, once a session is over we cannot get back to computer until you login again and request the service. When you allow Pandaje Tech support technicians to download a remote assistance application and supporting tools that provide an online access to view and interact with your computer system. Once your service is over or you are disconnected from our remote assistance, we cannot access your system.

Q15. Do you charge any fee to diagnosis my computer system?

A.  To diagnosis only computer problems, we do not charge any fee, though we can ask for payment first and find a possible problem with your computer and fix that. In case we are not able to solve the issues, we will refund your money without any deduction

Q16. Are your technicians are qualified/certified to provide tech support service?

A.  We have industry certified and highly experienced technicians who have extensive knowledge to work on such computers and provide a professional tech support service to identify computer’s various problems and fix them using latest technology and remote assistance tools instantly.

Q17. Do you provide support for older versions of computer?

A.  Old computers, generally PCs that are more than 10 year old running on Windows 95 are quite difficult to repair. However, we do our best to solve the problem with your computer system but we are not sure until and unless we get to know its exact working condition and actual problem that can be solved.

Q18.Do you provide support for Apple Mac and Linux based computers?

A.  Yes we provide techsupport for Apple MAC but not for Linux operating system based computer system, however we provide complete support assistance for all type of Windows based PCs.

Q19. Can you provide online support using a dial-up-connection?

A.  Tech support through dial-up-connection may cause slow online tech support service due to limited internet connection speed. And older PC or outdated version of computer system or PC running on older operating system are less stable and very difficult to provide support using dial-up connection. Hence, we recommend supporting through online chat and remote assistance for quick assistance and solution.

Q20. If I change my PC/Gadget, would I need to buy new subscription plan? Or can I use the existing plan for the new computer or similar device/gadget till the expiry of plan?

A.  If you have bought annual or monthly service plan, then you are fully covered for any computer you currently have or you purchase in near future with the same tech support service till end of your plan validity period. However, in case of one-time or incidental plan you will get support service for one time troubleshooting or problem resolving of your single computer system only for single time.