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Life at Pandaje Tech

Apart from a professional workstation, Pandaje Tech is a great place to work and enjoy with various social and cultural activities. It has deployed a pioneering tech support solutions for different issues with end-users. And while serving all these value customers, Pandaje tech has also created such an interesting work environment for employees to motivate them regularly.

Employees Engagement

With the growth of our organization and its service area, Pandaje Tech has become a land of innovations and technological development with employee’sreinforcement. Apart from daily professional interactions Pandaje Tech, also believe in motivating and inspiring its employees to engaged them and retain for longer time period. Pandaje Tech takes help of various activities to ensure the employees engagement level during the workflow of business operations.

Talent Management

Pandaje Tech respects talented minds and believes in encouraging them to gain success for development of both. To encourage such talents, Pandaje Tech organizes performance and reward based talent management system during the work flow of the organization.
Our talent management process includes goal settings practice to identify and establish the path-breaking goals to achieve the operational business strategy. We follow a focused approach to construct and develop organizational efficiency through talent management system. We help our employees to groom their skill that is necessary to become a leader in their work fields.
Our talent management system believes that learning is not enoughto lead it should be applied at the right time at the right place. At Pandaje Tech, learning process is driven by the individuals with his managersalong with coordinationof developing the business needs and personal goals. Our talent management process encourages individuals to participate actively and contribute dedicatedly during their development process. We organize various brainstorming programs with the focus on cultivating and rewarding the talented people in our organization.

Our Talent Management Approach:

  • Career Growth based on Performance based recognition
  • Motivate and Promote Talented Employees to Senior Level
  • Organize Sponsored Talent Management Programs
  • Arrange External Certifications for Recognition

Work Environment and Culture

Pandaje Tech is committed to facilitate a unique work environment that brings up transparency, integrity, collaboration and diversity to embolden everyone in the organization.All the approach is to deliver a matchless work environment which highly driven with emphasis to make sure thatworkplace at Pandaje Tech provides a safer and suitable for everyone.

Social Activities at Pandaje Tech

We give importance to our culturaland social eventswhich help us to keep informally connect with each other and live while satisfying the communal responsibility towards our society. At Pandaje Tech,each employee can enjoy the celebration of diverse holidays and festivals. Ason the occasion of our national holidays,we organize extra-curricular activities and live events to have social get-together. This kind of approach is also very helpful for keep employees socially interactive and refreshes their minds to work again with more energy and enthusiasm.

Why to Work With Us?

Employees working with us enjoy a highly professional work environment surrounded with world-class infrastructural facilitiesand other basic amenities across the workspace.

World-class Training Process

For fresh graduates or inexperienced employees we have world-class training process to teach them and prepare to deliver an outstandingservice throughout the working hours.

Supportive Medical Facilities

Employees working with us enjoy a highly professional work environment surrounded with world-class infrastructural facilitiesand other basic amenities across the workspace.

Why to Work With Us?

We provide a complete medical facility to cure employees in case of suffered health conditions. The health and wellness of our employees are the primary concern at Pandaje Tech.

Free Meals with Fine Dining Arrangements

At Pandaje Tech, employees get free night meal which facilitates them to avoid bring foods from home or to ordersomething from marketplace. We offer healthy and hygienic foods with a paid cafeteria to enjoy the refreshments with wide options to eat varied foodstuffs at regular intervals.

Free Pick and Drop Transportation Facilities

Pandaje Tech provides transportation facilities to each employee to avoid the travelling hassle. We provide free pick and drop transportation facilities with complete safety and precautions.