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Common Terms& Conditions Applicable under Payment Policy:

The payment made for opting Pandaje Tech service is applicable only through credit/debit cards and E-cheque.

Our Terms of payment is full before procurement.

The payments are to be made under following three categories:

  • Registration
  • Eventual
  • Product

Online charge back for amount paid through online transaction in acceptable only through mutual acceptance of Pandaje Tech sales and customer team members.

For any type of wrong claim or fortuitous online payment submission kindly mail us at support@pandajetech.com. The payment amount will be refunded only after cause clarification to Pandaje Tech administration.

The refund amount of each transaction will be done on same account from which the transaction has been processed.

Registration and Renewal Terms:

  • New registration or renewal is confirmed only after the full and final payment relates to the specified fee structure.
  • No repayment is applicable after confirmation of registration or renewal process.
  • The details and restrictions of registration/renewal purchase will provide be on website after the confirmation of acquirer.
  • Refund on withdrawal is set in relate to the condition given in conditions of related certification/registration.
  • If any refund is initiated, then a nominal transaction charges will be deducted as per the applicability.

Product/Services Terms:

Once any product or services like software, registration services etc. which are not freely available for purchase, the amount will be not refundable.

Payment/Refunds, Upgrading and Downgrading Terms:

  • If you are making online purchase then for payment a valid credit card is required. And we keep the right accept or reject the payment made via through credit cards.
  • Technical support for Pandaje Tech support plan starts from the date on the data you signed the agreement copy and the payment is realized.
  • In case of yearly and more than monthly plan the service is to be paid in advance on monthly basis and is non-refundable for that particular month.
  • We do not save credit card information for any customer and we would not do any charging without your consent or legal approval.
  • You can shift from an annual/monthlyplan to an incident based plan, and we will be able to accept your amount for any such move at the terms and conditions recommended to you.
  • If you are not satisfied with the services and our tech support team has not been able to resolve even a single issue with your computer system in that month you are eligible to get full refund.
  • Payment is not refundable after 30days,you can claim the payment within 30 days only.
  • All fee and charges are inclusive of all the charges, taxes and other duties imposed by the relevant state authorities and you will be responsible to pay such taxes, levies or duties, if lived in your country.

Cancellation and Termination of Account

  • You are independently responsible for appropriatelyterminating your account. Phone call and email request to stopyour account manager is very necessary and you should get the confirmation from your account manager at the time of cancelation.
  • All the data put in storage with us will instantly be achieved from active servers and can be used in future.
  • The effect of your cancellation will take effect immediately ifyou cancel the service before the end of your presentpaid month and it will not be charge again.
  • Pandaje Tech is its independent discretion, has keeps the authority to terminate your account and reject any and all future or present use of service, for various reasons like illegal access of portal, databases, servers, data theft, incorrect utilization of our services, misbehavior, using the service for computer system, other than the one that has been registered for use of Pandaje Tech, among other reasons. This kind of termination action will result in deactivation of your account or restrict to access your PC support service.
  • Use of any software which is not legal may result in termination of your services or deactivation of your account by Pandaje Tech.
  • Pandaje Tech keeps the right to refuse the service to anyone anytime for any reason.

Changes to the Service and Prices

  • Pandaje Tech keeps the right to modify, amend or remove temporarily or permanently anytime and from time-to-time the service or any part thereof with or without giving any notification.
  • Prices of all plans of all services, including but not restricted to monthly subscription fees to the service, are depending on change upon 30 days of notice from our side. This kind of notification may be given at any time by updating the changes on our website www.pandajetech.com or by sending a mail to on your registered account with us.

Billing of Credit Cards
You may be requested by us to provide your credit card details such as its number, expiry date etc. that we accept in order to start your service. Thus you authorize Pandaje Tech to charge or place keep hold ofyour credit card regarding to any paid charges for services or any otherconnected equipment. You authorize the credit card issuer to pay the requested amount without demandinga signed receipt, and you accept that these charges are acknowledged to the issuer of the credit card to pay all such amounts. You allow Pandaje Tech and/or any other service provider,who bills such products and services, or perform as an agent of billing for Pandaje Tech to proceed to try the charge and or place holds in regard toall the sums defined herein, or any part thereof, to your credit card till such amounts are paid fully. You accept to provide Pandaje Tech with updated details of credit card upon Pandaje Tech support ask and any time the details you earlier submitted is no more valid.
You agree and acknowledge that neither Pandaje Tech nor any affiliated company of Pandaje Tech will incur any liability whatever for any charges incurred by you or non-sufficient funds because of such efforts to charge, and/or place holds on, your credit card. If by mistake you shared your debit card number instead of credit card number, you authorize all such charges defined here to be applied to such debit card, until you provide the number of a valid credit card. At the time of enrollment with us, or later enroll, through electronic fund transfer or in an automatic payment, you accept that all sums defined herein may be charged, at Pandaje Tech option, to the account number provided for such automatic electronic fund transfer or automatic funds transfer plan. When you made a payment through debit card or credit card, payment will also be conditional on the terms and conditions stated and followed by the credit card issuer. If any how charges cannot be processed through you credit card, of if your bank draft or electronic funds transfer is refunded due to insufficient funds, we will additionally charge you $15.00.