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Quicktime Player Technical Support Services

The Apple develops Quick time player for Mac OS. It is capable of playing several formats of video and audio files. Primarily, made for the Apple OS, later, its compatibility with Window and other operating system has been launched. Quick time media player comes up with many-advanced feature such as drag and play, full screen playing, audio recording and video editing. The file can also be shared into the social media. Ever since its launch, Apple comes up with many updated version of it, with many advance added features and updates. Media player is freely available open source software in web market. Quick time player is currently supporting to the MPEG 4, MP4, MPEG2, 3GPP, & AVI, on Audio, it supports to iTunes Audio, MP3,core audio, AIFF, SD2, WAV and AMR files.

Pandaje technical support for the Quick time player

Pandaje tech offers complete end-to-end support for all your media needs; you may have seen that our computer often flooded with loads of media files of different format. Therefore, we often find it difficult to play them in our PC. Large part of people remains untouched from many features including video editing and recording. Instead of using those features, they often use another program. We have formed the team of tech professionals to overcome all your media problems. Just contact our Quick time player support cell right now. We do support the users technically and give them manual systematic guidance to run the player.

Few salient features of Quick time player

  • One touch recording
  • Sharing your audio to the media platform
  • Full screen playback
  • Record audio and screen
  • Editing the content

Our range of services for the Quick time player

  • Configuring and installing the player
  • Assistance on playing the file, recording the video and screen
  • Help on sharing the media files
  • Aid on running different formats of media
  • Installing Quick time player to the different OS
  • Assistance on registration key for pro version
  • Extension and plug-in setting
  • Shortcut key assistance
  • Choosing and customizing interference
  • Issue on bugs and slow processing
  • Modifying audio and video setting

Scope of our services

  • Easy and Quick time remote service
  • Transparent and trustworthy service
  • No sign-up and registration hassle
  • Get professional help from high tech professionals
  • Free manual guide to operate the player


Pandaje Tech is an independent service provider of technical support for various third party software,hardware and peripherals. Brand Names and Trademarks are used only references purpose, as they not indicate any kind of association of third parties with Pandaje Tech. Pandaje Tech hereby disclaims any sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of or by any third-parties. If your product is covered by warranty, the support service maybe available for free from brand owners.

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Emma Wison Says:-

"Thanks Rob. That was a huge help and exactly what i was looking for. I appreciate the help; you probably saved me 5 hours of frustration right there."

Kyan tomar Says:-

"I'm extremely impressed, both with your product as well as with you and your colleagues! You have an outstanding product and an equally outstanding support staff! Thanks for all the help!"

Henery Says:

“Pandaje Tech Support rocks! They get the job done quickly and explain things in a manner that I can understand. From big problems to small, they’re always very helpful and courteous.”

Stan Fleming Says:

“I am extremely pleased with your quick response in taking care of my computer crisis.”

Call Pandaje tech for the Quick time player

Nowadays, media needs are essential for everybody, we stored every memory and data to our PC. However, at the right moment, if file does not play on our computer, our crucial time and effort is wasted. Thus, now you just have to contact us for all your media needs. Call our Quick time player support team and enjoy seamless audio and video setting. Our Quick time media player support number is +186 660 69133.